Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quality Culture

This is response to questions posted in ASQ CEO’s blog

1. What is corporate culture?

Corporate culture of an organization is organization’s shared values, beliefs, principles, guidelines, expectations, anticipations, behaviors, collective memories, norms, attitudes, assumptions, and perceptions.

2.  What is culture of quality?

Culture of quality consists of –

ð  Systems Thinking
ð  Stakeholder focus
ð  Continuous improvement
ð  Learning and growth
ð  Team work
ð  Creativity & Innovation
ð  Ethics

3. If you’re working on a culture of quality, or sustaining one, what do you look for in the people you hire into the organization? 

When you hire people into the organization, the most important thing that you need to consider is organizational cultural alignment and fitment. In today’s highly competitive world, organizations that strive for performance excellence are looking for people who have excellent competencies (skills, knowledge, experience, attitude, and aptitude) and those people who can fit into the organization very well. 

4. How can you tell whether an applicant will contribute to, thwart, or work at quality culture goals? 

Behavioral based interviewing techniques can be helpful to find out whether an applicant will contribute to, thwart, or work at quality culture goals.

Behavioral based interviewing through leading questions can be used to evaluate the competencies (skills, knowledge, experience, attitude, and aptitude) required to perform the job and fitment with the organization.

5. What attitudes support the success of a culture of quality?

ð  Passion
ð  Character
ð  Persistence
ð  Perseverance
ð  Adaptability
ð  Agility
ð  Trust
ð  Empowerment
ð  Open and Effective communication
ð  Ethical behavior (Honesty, Morality, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability)
ð  Dedication
ð  Commitment 
ð  Leadership
ð  Customer driven
ð  Collaboration
ð  Fact based and Data driven decision making
ð  Compassion
ð  Desire to learn
ð  Focus on value creation and results

6. Are the personal attributes universal, or do they in your experience differ around the world?

Each person is different and personal attributes are unique to each person. Personal attributes can be changed through training, education, and experience.

7. When you’re in a culture of quality, how does it feel? Or, how do you feel? What are the feelings you associate with a culture of quality?

ð  Proud
ð  Confidant
ð  Happy
ð  Motivated

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